Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Bloody AOL

AOLUK are dumping all journals from the end of this month, bastards.

Anyone interested in continuing to read can from now onwards find Rattlebox in its new home here:  Click here: Rattlebox 

I don't know who reads this blog apart from 2 or 3 who occasionally comment - and your comments have been very much appreciated - but whether you are a commentator or lurker, you'll be welcome on my new blog so please Fave the link up and sign up for notifications.


troglodytes1 said...

#@**#@ @@ %^&@%@

Just to end on a high note and  for no reason at all.

Orchard and ocean, farm and field
We thank our maker for all they yield.
For earth and water, for flower and seed
We are thankful in thought, word and deed.

mark478 said...

It appears that AOL is slowly but surely beginning to become a thing of the past.  Last week, they stopped offering free virus protection, now they are doing away with the blogs.  I suppose the last step they take before shutting down for good is to cancel the E-Mail accounts.

l1ttlepooh said...

How many have the time
To make the rhyme?
Come bedtime
in the peace of own mind
in words of owns kind
The Lords Prayer
All will find
Covers all
and sleep peacefully fall